IT security consultancy

Risk analysis

To have insight in your companies' security risks is essential when trying to prevent unforeseen costs. Let us draw up an inventory and control your IT security risks.

Security management

Make sure your company neither under- nor overdoes in security. Years of experience has taught us the right balance in applying security measures. So let us help you to make the right decisions.

Security architecture

A solid security of your it-scape requires the right set-up. We are specialized in designing secure-software. Let us review your technical designs to be sure that the security of your software is well thought-thru. Since a design forms the ideal stage from which to start with proactive security.

Incident management

Despite all sorts of security measures you might still have to do with security incidents. Which of course is very unpleasant.

When such incidents occur it's crucial to react quickly in order to prevent further damage. For example, a security incident might be a severe security/data leak in widely used software (published online by a hacker) or a virus outbreak within your own internal network.

Maybe your company just doesn't always have the required expertise to change course of swiftly and effectively make decisions at these moments. But we can help you with that – also with a specific or to the point response.

Security awareness training

Security cannot simply be out soured to the security-department. It's something for which every employee bears responsibility.
Unfortunately not everyone is aware of this or even truly feels responsible for. Also one should know that most employees don't really know where to pay attention to, security-wise. So we give security awareness training to make your employees more watchful!

Forensic research

We often get to deal with hacked SME websites. Has this happened to you as well? Contact us quickly so we can start forensic research while the evidence is still on the server.
Have questions? Or do you want to request a quote directly? Feel free to contact us.