Secundity's goal is to improve the security of our society by preparing and arming our business and government against criminal intent. Working for our clients we ensure that security is dealt with individually and thus improves. By improving and evaluating company security we contribute to a safer society, both proactively and reactively.

Our associates

Secundity employees are experienced professionals.
Our employees have been trained to monitor safety aspects of systems incessantly. Needless to say they have the so called 'security mindset'. This mindset is primarily focused on integral security improvement of the surroundings, on physical and digital level.

Position of confidentiality

Since Secundity works in IT-security we deal with highly confidential data and privacy sensitive systems on a daily basis.
That's why we set high demands for our employees. They have to be able to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of data and systems at all times.

Our ethics

The hacking skills of Secundity's employees can easily be misused to hack into all sorts of computer systems without authorization.
We hereby strongly emphasize that such actions are not tolerated at Secundity.


Secundity was founded in 2009 by Sijmen Ruwhof .